Uniworld City (UWC), a 100 acre pristine township in New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata, which epitomizes World class living.

Know the Board Members of KUCAOA

Name Phase Post Email CoC & COI Sign Date
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Ajit Ranjan Bardhan Horizon President President@unizen.in 27-May-2020
Bimal Sarkar Gardens Vice President Vice.President@unizen.in 24-May-2020
Anjan Sen Cascades Secretary Secretary@unizen.in 24-May-2020
Debal Basu Vistas Joint Secretary Joint.Secretary@unizen.in 24-May-2020
Nihar Ranjan Mishra Horizon Treasurer Treasurer@unizen.in 24-May-2020
Rohit Singh Downtown Joint Treasurer Joint.Treasurer@unizen.in 24-May-2020
Atanu Bose Heights Managing Member atanu.bose@unizen.in 24-May-2020
Dhrubajyoti Ghosh Fresco Managing Member dhrubajyoti.ghosh@unizen.in 26-May-2020
Himangshu Ghosh - RESIGNED Vistas Managing Member himangshu.ghosh@unizen.in 07-Jul-2020
Kabi Joardar Vistas Managing Member kabi.joardar@unizen.in 27-May-2020
Neepa Datta Vistas Managing Member neepa.datta@unizen.in 24-May-2020
Pradipta Kumar Dutta - RESIGNED Heights Managing Member pradipta.dutta@unizen.in 07-Jul-2020
Ratan Kumar Goel Gardens Managing Member Ratan.Goel@unizen.in 29-May-2020
Susanta Kumar Samaddar Heights Managing Member susanta.samaddar@unizen.in 24-May-2020